17 June 2013


This is HUGE 2 Giveaways today that I happened upon on Pinterest!!!

The first ends in about 4 hours! 

Pencils Books and Dirty Looks 1st Blog-iversary Giveaway

Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Erin Condren

Another is a wonderful one for 300 followers! How cool is that? 

300 Follower MEGA giveaway!!!!

This is for K-2 and 3-5!  Two separate giveaways AND over 40 different things!!! How awesome is that!?
This still has about 6 days left! So hurry up and sign up!

Click the Links to go to their blogs to ENTER!

1 comment:

Mr. Shife said...

Good luck with the giveaways. Hope all is well and you have a great weekend.