27 June 2006

Hey there...

Well, the month of June is almost gone (sigh). I can't believe it has gone that fast. Maybe it did because hubby was gone at school for most of the month. He graduated on Friday and made the Commandants list. I was totally proud of him. He did very well. Next, he will be getting promoted!! I am so excited for him and very proud.

Little man is trying to push all the buttons he can. He doesn't want to eat, sleep, get dressed, or anything on my time. It's going to be on his time. Well, that boat don't float. I have been really firm handed on his buttocks lately and he's not liking it one bit. OH WELL!

How's everyone else's summer going? What relaxing things are you doing? I need some tips b/c I haven't been able to relax yet!! I have 30 days to relax before school starts again. This means brain shutting off and relaxing. This must be done cheaply too. De-stressing is a MUST! Any hints, suggestions, or comments are welcomed!!

Have a great week and weekend!

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