08 July 2006

The great life...

HA! That's a great title. This past week has been full of running, meetings, and family. My two step sons have come for their visit. Cut short by 4 weeks because of hubby's class he had to go too. It's been really crazy b/c lil man hasn't been on a schedule since they arrived. My two step sons are 14 and 12.

On Friday we went to the Alligator park. The boys held a live baby gator. It was really neat. The older two were scared, lil man wanted to pet it like crazy. It was a great picture.

This is a gator eating chicken. They have live shows that talk about gators since this is one of the two places that they are actually found. Then we had a birthday part of the middle son b/c he turned 12. We had a great barbecue for him.

Today, I had football sign ups. This was the bummer of the day. We had only 4 kids sign up. I am really bummed about the whole things.

Well until next time.... have a great weekend!

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