14 November 2006


Hey all. Just a quick update! I am no longer sick!! YEAH!! The house is coming along. Still nead to paint a few places where we had to patch things. The garage still looks like a cyclone hit it, and we still have not found one of the 4 posts for my poster bed! (GRRR). They also trashed my two other pieces of bedroom furniture, put a bug lamp in with my bedding, and wrecked a few other things. I think the moving company is out to get me.

If anyone has been or is watching Dancing With the Stars, I would like to take this short moment to plug Emmitt Smith!! their nose clean. Not only was he an outstanding star football player, but he is a great man off the football field. I think today's children do not have the proper role models to look up to in most cases. I have been plugging Emmitt to my students because he emulates what a successful, educated, and famous man can do after football. I feel that there are some good role models in football (and other sports) today, but they take a back seat to those who can't seem to keepI can only hope that with my knowledge of sports and famous players that made it without going bad, that I can reach those who really need it!

On another note, I want to take this opprotunity to thank all those men and women who without question offer up the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Our veterans need our support more than ever. I have one that is very close to my heart and three others that served before them. They did not have to pay with their lives, but they did defend what was theirs in their homeland. Please remember all our vets as we continue to defend our freedoms we know today.

I feel that our newly elected congress people may let them down as well as take more from the US citizens than we can afford through higher taxes. I do not usually put anything political in my blogs, but I feel that we, as citizens, need to stand up for what is right and what is ours. I do not want any person to feel terrorised in their own homeland, but when it is a minority, in number, doing the terrorist acts, I feel we need to defend our free country from them. Lest not we forget how our homeland was attacked just 5 short years ago. I pray that we never forget that fateful day. I just want my child and my child's children to grow up in the greatest land that I love!

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