20 January 2007

Oh When the Saints.....

Go marching into the NFC Championship game. I still can't believe that the Saints are going to be in the NFC Championship game tomorrow. It's hard to believe I know it's true! Just a year or so ago, they almost lost their home to Hurricane Katrina and to those who were left behind to stay there during the storm. Thankfully the Super Dome was saved!

It's great news for the State of Louisiana. Maybe they will be in the Super Bowl. That would really be the NEWS OF THE DAY!

I am rooting for them only b/c I do not like the Bears. The other team I am rooting for is the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game. They are playing the Patriots and I feel the wealth needs to be spread. They have already been to the Super Bowl. Let another team gleam in the lime light.

Well, those are my ramblings.

Have a blessed weekend!

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