15 April 2007


** Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood blogger**

Well, here in the states today would actually mark TAX DAY! The day that all good
American ladies and men would send in their tax returns for the previous year. Thankfully, the beloved IRS saw it fit to extend it by a couple days b/c the 15th falls on a Sunday. So, those of you who are procastinators like myself- mine are actually done and sent in already this year!!!, please get those pesky things done and postmarked before midnight Tuesday your local time!

** Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...**

Today is a mixed bag day. Sun, clouds, rain, and your occasional wind blast. Went to church today for the third week in a row!! I am proud of myself. Today they invited me and lil man to lunch. It was good to talk to other adults finally!

Today is also known as Humor Sunday. The celebration of God's huge practical joke on the Devil. God allowed his son to be crucified and buried. One the third day he arose from the dead. Satan thought he won on Friday, but was discouraged on Sunday when Jesus arose.

I haven't seen the doctor yet about my CT scan, but when I do I will let all of you know.

Lil man is doing well. He's getting so big. He's so smart too. When I ask him what day we go to church? He replies, "Sunday!" Some 4 year olds don't know exactly which day it is, but he does.

Well, that's all folks!!

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