18 November 2007

I know it's been 18 days since my last post, but hey, I do have a life ya know? LOL

Anyway, school has been crazy, lil man is driving me even closer to a cliff, and I have only 2 days to teach this week!! I am very thankful for the timing of Thanksgiving. LOL. My students have been totally off the wall (ok, not all 42 to them, but seriously it seems like it!). I have one student who is insistent on getting in the last word no matter what is being said. Another thinks he's some kind of animal and has to make noises while I teach. I mean give me a freaking break; they are in 5th grade. I know I have heard that times have changed.... REALLY? I couldn't figure that one out. Just ask DG, or SKI, how things were back in school and how our parents would have killed us for talking to a teacher like my students talk to me. There is no respect anymore for any adult in authority. I just don't get it?

BTW, hey DG, have you ever put your number on the DO NOT CALL LIST? It works wonders. But, I see that you have remedied your problem already. I hope they do not call back for the sake of not getting a butt chewing by you! :) LOL

At last my two favorite teams won this weekend~~~ GO VOLS!! and GO BUCKEYES! I am glad the Bucks put a hurting on Michigan. Next weekend, the Vols take on the KY Wildcats. I am not too wild about them traveling to Lexington. Especially since KY was beat again this weekend.

I want to leave you with one last thought. If you fight with God, you will lose in some way, shape. or fashion.

That was the message our pastor gave today.



Anonymous said...

PS and you must follow through with any demands that are made of the class.

Kingcover said...

I would kick them upside the head lol.
Oh noooooooooooo look what I typed!! "upside the head" - I'm blogging with too many southern Staters :-P
Is Super Joe the same as GI Joe???

the not so "new" mom on the blog said...

First Off - Just love the color of your Blog!!!! I have been so out of contact that it has taken me the whole afternoon and evening catching up on all my blogs that I read.

I take my hat off to you for the job you do - I for one will not be able to teach kids, well not here in our Country anyway!!

Happy thanksgiving and enjoy your time off!!

Take Care


Phats said...

Have a great thanksgiving and GO VOLS!

Design Goddess said...

Anytime you need an English lesson, you know to whom to turn!

And I'm with KC, except I'd smack them upside the head. Kicking them just seems so wrong! :D

KC - Super Joe was our Chemistry teacher who was very discipline oriented. If a guy had even a hint of stubble, he made them shave....with a disposable razor....dry! Although, I've never had to shave my face, I think it would hurt that way!

tiggysmum70 said...

Thanks sis, and I will. KC I totally agree, but it's not the kids I would slap. It's the parents for not teaching their kids respect and self- discipline.

Phats- Happy Thanksgiving to you too! The Vols will rock KY!!!!

Travis Erwin said...

I would go to prison iof I had to teach, so I commend you for even trying.