16 December 2007

How many days????

Well, according to Santa's website it's 8 sleeps. ROFL

It's finally the week before Christmas. Has anyone not started their Christmas shopping? I'm raising my hand!! LOL

3 days and a wake up for me until Christmas break starts. I remember when we use to get two full weeks off. Now, I have a week, and 2 days (9 days). What is up with that? I am counting just school days mind you! I don't count the weekends b/c we already have those days off. LOL

My students so need more time off. They are off the scale as of Friday! I think we all need a break!

Have a great week. My next blog will probably come from Ohio where I am visiting DG, aka lil sis, and the family!
HUGS to all!


Kingcover said...

I got all my pressie shopping started and finished last Saturday. That's a record for me considering I usually leave it to the last few days. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Have a good time in Ohio and don't let your lil sis annoy you because I hear she has a very violent temper on her. Who would have thunk that someone so small could have a temper so big?! I guess that's why noisy air horns are small. Hey do you think they were modeled on DG???

Kingcover <------- dead man walking ;-)

Mr. Shife said...

Hope you and the little sis have a wonderful holiday together. Have a good break and enjoy your time off.

Phats said...

I hear ya we get off the 21st and are back the 3rd! YUCK! I haven't even got all my final exams ready I need to start that eh?

Don't forget your picks and have a great Christmas.

BTW I hate to brag but my shopping has been done for 2 weeks DING

Design Goddess said...

Yeah...not done yet either. What can I say? I'm the Queen Procrastinator! See ya when you get here!