14 January 2008

2008 Has to be MY year!

Well, my 2007 finished up with a bang. Well, actually a shot through the heart. (figuratively speaking). Some personal things blew up in my face just a few days before ringing in the new year. It sucks, but hey I am dealing. New Year's Eve was spent ringing it in with....... my lil one and myself. That's it! We had no where to go and nothing to do... boo hiss. Anyway, I rang it in, lil man slept through it, and well I guess that says most of it.

New Year's day was spent doing one thing, watching college football bowl games. Pretty impressed with most of the games. My VOLS won!!!!!! I was pretty psyched about that! Poor Badgers had to go home and lick their wounds.

Then it was back to school on the 2nd for teachers......HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY! We socialized, worked on stuff for the kiddos, and then went to lunch. After that it was cleaning of the room, desks, and my desk (which was pretty scary). Things at work are going great. Thankfully I have that part of my life that's in order. Now, to get other aspects of my life back on track...... which track will it be????? Who knows. We shall see!

Well, blogger fans, I hope you had a great New Year and are great to make '08 GREAT!


Kingcover said...

Sorry to hear that you are going through some difficult times Big Sis. Any time you feel down and lonely just look at Lil Man's smile and it will help you through it :-)
You have a great 2008 as well!
And I hope you find yourself on a track that doesn't already have a train on it otherwise you'll have to dive for cover ;-)

Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

Hi dear Melanie,
I miss you so much too. First of all let me wish you a very happy year with all those you love. Then let me explain that because of the heavy load of studies that I had the previous semester, I hardly had the time to check my weblog or see yours. I am so happy now, that after all the time has come for me to see the beautiful changes you have made to your blog! I really love your new avator! Tell me how Lil man and Big man are?? I hope everything is alright with you. Look forward to hearing from you.

Design Goddess said...

Like I said before, 2008 WILL be your year! (hopefully mine too)

tiggysmum70 said...

Thanks G and lil sis for the comments. Mary, it's great to hear that you are ok. I hope your studies go well again this semester. HUGS