02 November 2008

Please get out to vote.... and vote for American Values

I know not many people read this blog... but I hope that those who do would send out the link to my blog for others to take a look at.

There are many fundamentally unsound issues w/ the election of B. Obama. First, his tax plans are not feasible. He can't take money from the rich to give it to all those who are "poor" and spend over 10 BILLION dollars in new gov't spending. Can we say double dipping.

Second, with those higher taxes on companies and corporations, who gets in the arse in the end....... YEP you got it right the AMERICAN people. We will pay more at the pump, in the grocery stores, at the clothiers and where ever else we can have prices go up and up and up!!!!

Third, his stance on abortion. I am a pro-life supporter with the exception of incest. He is for abortions up through the 9th month. Now, I know of a few children, one who is a teen and the other is 5 that were born pre-maturely and they are perfectly fine now. How can one say that there isn't life in the womb @ 9 months? To top it all off, if the abortion is botched, he doesn't support medical care for that child..... he wants them left to die.....How FREAKING fair is that??????

Fourth and for most... his lack of respect for women, their station in life and what we can do for our country. He must have forgotten or was never taught that is was the women who went into the workforce in WWII to help make planes, parachutes and the like for the war. Heck, he doesn't even pay the women in his campaign the same as the men. WTF?????

Lastly, do we really want a man who hangs with a terrorist, a biggot, a embezzeler , and was taught by a godless man. He's a Socialist my friends...... do we need to go back to the 30's of the depression..... HELL NO! I am not one who wants to lose my teaching job, beg for food and wonder where in the heck I am going to sleep night to night.
Under him, that's hwat would be happening........

Oh and the free health care.... THAT'S THE BIGGEST CRAP SHOOT IN THE WORLD. Want to wait until you die before you get that cancer treatment, that surgery for your breast cancer, the surgery to save your life by taking out your gall bladder....... that's what you will get..... Personally my health is more important than electing someone b/c he wants to make "CHANGE".... I did that for many years at McDonald's drive thru and all that got me was cold fingers...... Actually research the next 24 hours..... and if you haven't voted... vote AMERICAN.... not CHANGE.

Just my humble Opinion!

This is my sister's blog. Read her first 2 posts and then really think... I am pray and search your soul if you could really and truly live with Obama as your choice. If you haven't already voted, then do your civic duty to become informed!!

  • Design Goddess

    Phats said...

    I didn't vote.

    YOu glad the Vols are getting rid of Fulmer?

    Me said...

    You know, it's totally fine if you take my blog off your link list, because I have a difficult time being linked to someone who will write this type of biased stuff.


    ~gkw said...

    Great Post!

    ~gkw said...

    WoW... Me says that she has opinions and shares them freely but doesn't like that you shared yours! Democrat, Republican, whatever, you have the American right to write your opinion and if you like her blog you have the right to link it as one you like!

    NAVAL LANGA said...

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    If you like short stories and paintings, then a short visit to my blogs wold be an entertaining one.

    Naval Langa

    domesticgoddess said...

    I found your blog from my friend Leigh-Ann's page and have to say:

    Screw the ones who want to bash you for speaking against BO. He is not going to do any good anyway. I agree with what you have said and have been bashed for saying what I feel about him also. These next 4 years will be a test and I'm fearful.