27 September 2009

Time to get back to blogging!!!!!

There's been so much going on in my every so simple, no stress, can't get anything accomplished life over the past few months; that it would be insane for me to apologize for not blogging. Since the end of July, things have been just feet to the ground and I'm off...... literally!

The end of July found me in Ohio for my Aunt Janet's funeral. She's finally free of that ugly disease Cancer! After that, I found out that just a day earlier a May babies 2003 friend of mine lost one of her triplets to Leukemia the day before my Aunt passed. Talk about torture for that family. (Long story)

August found me:
  • Preparing for a new school year at a new school at a new grade level
  • Cleaning this said classroom because it was just NASTY!
  • Having everything up and ready for the first day of school- tough job b/c there was SO MUCH cleaning to be done!
  • Lil man having a week's vaca in Ohio w/ the folks and DG!
  • Having the first day of school.... which brings this every so not simple part

First day of school-
---- started out great. Met my students, gave them the rules and we were off to a great start... then around 9:30----
  • heart starts racing and I am feeling faint Take kids outside for recess... heart still beating like crazy...
  • another teacher says, go to the nurse. I walk up to her office, she takes my BP it is ok, but not normal. Heart rate.... 140 beats per min. WTH!!!
  • Sit in her office, chilled, sweating, and well, just not feeling right.
  • About noon she and the principal rush me to the hospital..... Lucky me!
  • Get to the hospital, sit in wheel chair, nurse starts vitals.... rips cuff and stuff off me and rushes me to room.

This is where it gets good:
  • 1st EKG 250 BPM---- WTH!
  • Doc comes in tries some really cool things, but no luck
  • Doc orders meds, these meds stop the heart to get it back into a rhythm. Talk about scared!
  • Heart stops for a second and starts right back up.
  • I get to stay for a couple hours. OH THE JOY!!
  • No work on the second day of school! WHAT??? Do you really know what you're asking here......
  • Go to my dr. on Wed. Tells me the following-- no unusual stress, no heavy lifting, and no exercise programs! Oh Darn and I was going to join the gym that day..... NOT!.
Now, for the no stress/exercise/ lifting part that doesn't help any......
  • Go back to work Thurs and Fri. Then on Fri afternoon.... again something comes up!
  • I was told, we need you to move schools b/c of numbers.... get this... BY MONDAY! WTH???
  • I am not to be stressed--- oh ok
  • I am not to lift heavy stuff-- who's going to do it???
  • I am not to exercise---- who's going to take the stuff to my new school???
  • Well, the latter two were taking care of the WONDERFUL maintenance staff @ my school district. They brought it to me. Thankful that one of my teacher friends packed all my stuff in less than an hour... WTG Jodi!
  • New, school.... no stress.... YEAH RIGHT!

Now, it's September:
  • The ex leaves for Afghanistan again... lil man is worried and sad
  • Been trying not to catch that ugly flu virus that's been going around our school....
  • Cardiologist said my heart is ok, the CVT won't kill me, however got to take it easy!
  • Started the 3rd to last class for my masters!!!!!!!!
  • Graduation is getting closer and closer!!!!
  • Birthday's galore of my friends of this month!! One is turning 40--- sssshhhhhh

October brings:
  • Trip to OHIO to see DG and family b/c I've been out of HS now for 20 years.... WHAT 20 years how is that possible?????
  • My birthday and birthday's of many friends
  • Halloween!!! Last trick-o- treat w/ my best bud, Rachel and her kids. Her hubby has been transferred to Ft. Campbell for Feb. :( Stupid Army!

More to come----- Hopefully I will get some more information out there and quicker this time. I am also on Facebook, MySpace, and I might just look into Twitter...... we shall see!

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Phats said...

Thanks for the great update! Glad everything is OK with you and your ticker.

I would freak if I were told I am changing schools with that time limit, and I just do HS! CRAZY!!