22 June 2011

It's back to summer time!!!!!!!

Yes, it's June 22nd and the first FULL day of summer! It also happens to be my lil sister, Design Goddess's birthday!!!! She's thankfully 29 again with 7 years of experience under her belt!

Life in NC has been topsy turvy here! The NC legislature has really put it to education in their latest budget. Teacher assistants, janitors, central office staff and even teachers are being laid off! In my county alone that isn't a good thing. We're the poorest county in the state w/ the HIGHEST unemployment rate and the sixth poorest county in the nation! Laying off just 20 people doesn't help us at all. They are talking upwards to 100+ people being laid off from the school systems. YIKES!

In good news, the fiance and I have set a date!!! It is Sept. 10, 2011. 9-10-11!! WOO HOO!!! We're in planning mode now!!! tee hee!

I am hoping my friends in blog land are having a great summer vacation or at least enjoying the weather after work! I hope you all stay cool and hydrated! I know we will here down in NC! We hadn't been below 95° in a bout a month, and it's only going to get HOTTER!!!!!

Stay safe my friends and I just might have more news to blog about later this week/month. I am really going to work at this blogging bit more! I surely need too!

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