20 November 2005

WE WON!!!!!!!!

I am so overly excited! My cheerleading team swept their competition for their age group. We won in both the cheer division and dance division.
They rocked the stadium!

Many people came up to me and commented on the team. They said we should have competed with the older girls as well. Some asked if there was an overall winner. I told them, "NO." They said, "Too bad because we thought your team was the best!" That gave me the chills.

I was so proud of my girls and how well they performed yesterday!! Each girl was awarded a medallion for each division they won. They clanged when they walked. These 8-10 year olds worked their bloomers off and deserved all the praise, and recognition they received.

Of course, there were people complaining and bitching, but you usually have that when there are winners and losers. The runners up will receive a trophy at their banquet and I still think that is fair!

This marks the end of the drama of this football season! Now, for the next saga.... being Vice-President of the league. This should be a great year coming up because we're going to be better organized and ready to hit the fields early!

** Thanks for reading my ramblings about my cheerleaders!**

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