06 November 2005

A Win is a win!!

Well, my hubby's football team did it this weekend. They went out and won their first and last football game. They won 24-0!! It was awesome. Parents were so proud of their sons. It was wonderful! The gold and black is tops again! My Jr. tackle team won too. They went undefeated!!! Woohoo!

This weekend has been good and restful. Next weekend will be better. We have no school on Friday because it is Veteran's Day. Thank a Vet for the freedoms you have today. I am thankful for both of my grandfathers for serving. They fought in World War II and so did hubby's grandfather.

Our Volunteers did fair well against Notre Dame. I bet my grandmother is smiling down from heaven because she loved the Irish. Hubby wasn't too happy though. There's always next week.

Everyone have an awesome week!


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