28 February 2006

Spring Rains and Fever

Well, I know spring isn't quite here yet, but we have had the spring rains from you know where. It rained for almost a year straight. My students were getting cabin fever because recess was inside everyday, and they weren't able to go outside to play when they were at home either. Finally, Monday (yesterday) the sun came out. Now it's suppose to be almost 80 degrees out today and over the last week it hasn't been over 45 degrees. It's craziness.

Kids now are getting sick. I am catching a cold and lil one is now sick. I thought Ohio weather was bad... geesh!

Today is also Mardi Gras!!

So, happy FAT TUESDAY to those who are celebrating and for those who are not, have a great TUESDAY!!!

Just remember, Easter is about 40 days away!!!!

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