11 September 2006

The first two weeks are done!!

The first two weeks of school are in the books. I have enjoyed my 5th graders. I am still getting use to not having a true recess time, having the kids all day, teaching all subjects and no specials/ resources on Mondays and Tuesdays. I can't really complain b/c I only have 14 students. Last year I had a total of 63 all day.

I miss my friends at SPE and wish them the best this year. I really hope that they are doing well. As for my team mates, we all left SPE and are embarking in new adventures in different schools. Two of us are in different states. My friend, Cyn, is in TX and I am in NC.

I am just awaiting my hubby to arrive here in NC. He had to tie up loose ends in Louisiana and get everything moved. Lil man and I are in NC and lil man is enjoying his new school. He's attending a preschool/ daycare. I really like the people he has for his "teachers". He told his teacher today that he loves her. She really liked that compliment.

I will blog here again soon. Until then, have a great week and weekend!!!

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