17 October 2006


We now have 100% e-mail and internet access!! I am so happy. Well, the first 2 months of school are almost over. I can't believe that the end of the 9 weeks is next Friday. Time has surely passed.

I have missed my online friends. Gareth, thank you for the card it was wonderful!!
Lil sis, congratulations on your full time internship and job offer!! Can we say big bucks now baby!! Zen, how are things going?? Ski- how is your school year going? I hope you are doing well. We are doing battle of the books. My kiddos really don't participate b/c the reading levels our librarian uses are too high for some of my kids!

Well, all I must continue unpacking. The boxes are getting to me and I want them all unpacked or put away! UGH! Have a great rest of the week!


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