18 July 2007


I love summer weather, but the humidity doesn't like me. Today I have felt very yucky. My stomach is aching and head is spinning.

Anyway, I get to go home to Ohio next week. I can't wait to see my little man! We're going to go to the Pro-football Hall of Fame festivities!! I can't wait. It's been 7 years since my last time to go to the festival. Pro Football HOF
Look for yourself to see what it is all about. :)

Have a great week and weekend!


Kingcover said...

I love summer weather too and thankfully it's rarely too humid over here. I love a little breeze blowing over me. Much much better than trying to survive in stifling heat :)

tiggysmum70 said...

Thanks for your comment. I wish the breezes here were just a tad cooler than the temperature. LOL

Have a great weekedn!

Kingcover said...

Thanks for the email reply yesterday Big Sis :-)
It's plenty cool here today. Very overcast. I would swop my weather for yours in a flash right now, lol.

Skiingred said...

Hey - we just might see you there! Not sure when we'll be up, but I think we'll go to the burn off!

tiggysmum70 said...

You know I will be at the burn off! hehe

Well, c-ya then!

Parisa Mehran said...

I wish you the greatest summer as you like.


P.S. Nice new posts!!!

Kingcover said...
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