29 September 2007

In Kentucky

Well, we're visiting hubby's family in Kentucky. We also have my two step sons here visiting. It's been a great break from the work gind. I just wish I could get some sleep b/c the curtains in the room are so sheer, I am up at the crack of dawn. UGH!!! I can't wait to get to my dark bedroom!!!!! LOL

Anyway, have a great weekend and week.



Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

My dear Melanie,
Sorry that I could not visit your blog for a long time. As you know it was my summer holidays and I was trying to use it to its fullest. Now the university has started again and I am so busy with lessons. Thank you for your kind comment! I hear that Bigman is back and I don't know when he will leave again. I just wish you the best time with him, the very best time. Wish you happy days with your loved ones.


Design Goddess said...

Just put your pillow over your head! Plus, it doesn't get light out THAT early anymore since it's fall. :D

Kingcover said...
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Kingcover said...

I believe DG would like you to suffocate yourself. It's great when sisters get along don't ya think? :-P

I would recommend putting a blindfold over your eyes. Just don't forget to remove it when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Wouldn't want you to bump into someth ......
Oh gosh that was a large thump into something! :-(