09 October 2007

18 and gone :(

Well, hubby's 18 days are now complete and he's heading back to work. It was good having him here event hough it was a short visit. Lil man and I are off school today so that we could take daddy to the airport. It was nice to be able to sit with him at the gate. Now, we have another 7.5 short months until his return. I can only hope they fly as fast as the first 7.5 did.

Lil man and I will be hanging out today and getting ready for an early day tomorrow. I have a field trip with my students to
  • Old Salem, NC
  • . We have to be at school at 6:45 AM! That means lil man arising around 5:45. That's 30 minutes earlier than normal. (think of me when I have to wake him in the AM). LOL

    I hope all is well with my blog friends. Hopefully all your teams won this weekend. I know my favorite college team did!!!! Hubby was excited that the Dallas Cowboys won in great fashion last night!
  • BTW GO INDIANS!!!!!!
  • . They beat the New York Yankees last night! tee hee

    Well all, have a great rest of the week!


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