03 February 2008

The New WHO are Super Bowl Champions????

Well, the New York Giants pulled off the greatest upset in NFL history! They did it with shear team work and confidence. I tip my hat to them and their MVP, Eli Manning. I can't believe just a short year ago his brother, Payton, was the MVP. Gotta love those Manning brothers!!

I hope everyone has a great week. Remember, Mardi Gras in 2 days!!!!


Kingcover said...

I stayed up to watch it even though it didn't finish until nearly 3:30am my time on Monday. Was a good game but I was rooting for the Pats to win. Next year it will be the Steelers versus the Buckeyes, lol ;-)

tiggysmum70 said...

Well, if the Steelers were a college team, then it would work, but my Cleveland Browns will make sure the Steelers don't get out of the division! LOL

Phats said...

I was happy to see the Giants win and not the cheaters!! :)

UT is having a nice basketball season.

Design Goddess said...

just stopping by to say hi.

Don't really care about football, you know. Glad the season's over! :D