25 February 2008

Things in my life..........

Things in my life are just as crazy as they were a few months ago. Big man is still gone and Lil man is still driving me nutso. LOL

Also, Big Man is being a Big JERK! (being really nice) Let's just say that Lil man and I are moving in a few months and Big Man is not going w/ us.

Life as I thought it was suppose to be is changing...... maybe for the worse, but I feel it might be for the better.

My cousin stopped by this weekend with a college friend of hers. We had an awesome visit and was chit chatting about our family. Granted our family is pretty big, so we did have a lot to talk about! From my point of view I have 21 cousins to try to stay up on. Not going so well there. I have about 20 2nd cousins to learn names of, and try to put names to faces. This is also not going very well. It's hard when most of our family lives in and around Ohio, and others live in GA, WI, NC, TX, and VA to name a few states that I have family members living.

Could you just imagine the family reunion. We would all have to wear name tags with pictures of our parents just so we knew who we all belonged too. I personally think it would be great b/c then I could catch up with the cousins that are close in age with me and that I know the best and then to try to figure out all those kids..... LOL

Well, that's my rant for tonight. God bless us all!!!


Anonymous said...

And now you have another 2nd cousin who was born today. Her name is Virginia Ann VanCamp and her daddy is David VanCamp. She has an older sister but I can't remember her name nor her mother's name. They live in California. You probably know more of them then you think.

Mr. Shife said...

You got a big family. Sorry to hear about Big Man. I hope things are OK and going to get better. Have a good weekend.

Travis Erwin said...

Hope things look up for you soon.

Design Goddess said...

I'm sure you know MY opinion on it all.....it will be MUCH better for you!!! You deserve MUCH MUCH MORE than what you get from him (ie ZERO!)

Which cousin did you see???

Kingcover said...

Yeah my family is pretty big too. 19 first cousins. Family reunions are really noisy ;-)