02 March 2008

My Town, Louisville, OH!


This is a shot of one of our downtown store. It's Penny Alley. It's an old five and dime. Granted, there's not much there anymore for 5 or 10 cents, but it's a great store!!

Before Penny Alley, the city's only hardware store was located there.
DG use to work for them too!! Our Handy DG!

From the website:
Louisville, OH

Constitution Town

In 1952, Louisville resident Olga T. Weber petitioned municipal officials to establish Constitution Day, in honor of the ratification of the US Constitution in 1789. Presiding Mayor Gerald A. Romary proclaimed September 17, 1952, as Constitution Day in the city. The following April, Weber requested that the Ohio General Assembly proclaim September 17 as state-wide Constitution Day. Her request was signed into law by Governor Frank J. Lausche.

Weber didn't stop there. In August 1953, she urged the United States Senate to pass a resolution designating September 17-23 as Constitution Week. The Senate and House approved her request and it was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. On April 15, 1957, the City Council of Louisville declared the city Constitution Town. The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society later donated four historical markers, located at the four main entrances to the city, explaining Louisville's role as originator of Constitution Day.

The city boldly states that it is the Constitution Town which also resides in Constitution Township!

There are no famous people from my town, but Ohio has produced many entertainers, football players, and TV analysts. Drew Carey, Halle Berry, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Chris Spielman, and Eddie George.

That's my town.... more to come next week!


Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for joining in. I look forward to learning more about Constitution Town.

Phats said...

HEY I have been to Louisville! I went to Freedome Hall. And I have been to Six Flags!

Barrie said...

I didn't know Drew Carey was from Ohio.

Love the picture of the store! I'd shop there in a heartbeat. :)

Debbielou said...

I love Dean Martin !

Lana Gramlich said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing info & pix of your town. :)

Phats said...

HAHA I am a dumbass! it's OHIO not KY PHATS haha :)

Terrie Farley Moran said...

You have a five and dime? An honest-to-goodness five and dime, not one of those horrid dollar stores?

I am on my way!

Great post. Terrie

spyscribbler said...

You're from Louisville? Cool! Poor Louisville. My mother remarried and we had to move there for high school. It wasn't the favorite place I've ever lived, but it's a nice little town.

lyzzydee said...

Having been to the USA a few times I can confirm that you have dollar stores where we have pound shops, the same stuff stars in both shops!! Still its always fun to shop somewhere different!

tiggysmum70 said...

Travis- thanks for the invite!

Phats--- I was wondering what you were talking about. LOL Silly Phats!!!

Barrie- His show was all about Cleveland and where he grew up! He also attend Kent State University along with Arsenio Hall.

She's a great store owner. It's only her in the shop. There is everything there from home decor to school items!!

Terrie- My town just had a Dollar General Open about 2 years ago. That's the first dollar anything to get close to our little town.

Spy- not many actually admit being from there, but it has a lot of cool history!

tiggysmum70 said...

Deb- I forgot to mention that Dean Martin was ashamed of being from Steubenville, Oh. They have a wonderful mural of him by the Ohio River there.

The Anti-Wife said...

Growing up, we had a Ben Franklin in our tiny town with bins full of wonderful stuff. What a great memory.

Design Goddess said...

We have a Ben Franklin in the town next to us! Used to be a cool store, but I don't know if it's still there now actually. Hmmm....

Great post, Sis!

Kingcover said...

Who would have a thunk that your lil sis would know so much about hardware. Is there no end to her talent?! Or am I just not looking hard enough to find it??? Teehee :-)

Anonymous said...

The Ben Franklin store is still in the little mall on 30th St in Canton, Ohio. It is across the street from the College Bowl bowling alley. Still has great stuff and a framing shop if you need a special size frame for a picture or print.
Tiggysmum and DG's mum LOL

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Louisville and never knew why it was called constitution town