09 March 2008

My Town Monday!

This is my second post that blog buddy,Travis Erwin, inspired his blog buddies to participate in.

I did find an interesting video of my town:

Some points of interest are:

City Hall
War Memorial
Saint Louis Church
- Where my family attends church and where DG, our brother and I went to elementary school.

Some other interesting facts about my town is that the railroad cuts the city off from the "outside world" if a train is stopped on the north and west ends of town. There have been days when I was stopped by a train and really needed to get on the other side of the tracks to get to work.

There was a time when a fire broke out on the North side of town and none of the fire fighters on that side of town could get to the fire station to get their gear. It was pretty awful. They had to have the guys who could get to the station, get their gear, but the only problem was the fire trucks and ambulances were not able to respond due to the train cutting off the town on both sides. They had to call the Nimishillen Fire Department to assist them until the train moved. There has always been talk about an overpass or something to be done so that this doesn't ever happen again. Like most towns people, we will believe it when we see it! LOL

These same trains lulled me to sleep when they passed through town as I was growing up. I miss those nights when you could feel the bed rock just enough that you were put into a deep sleep. The railroad is what built my town and it will always be an important part of my little town.

This is our high school's home page

Louisville Leopards
This is my alma mater:
Saint Thomas Aquinas Knights

Recently, the city had to build a new middle school due to the population growing to the point where the old Jr. High School couldn't handle the amount of children who passed through the halls. I substituted in the old Jr. High, and I am going to miss seeing the inside of that building. The reason? My Great-Aunt Loretta was the Louisville Education Association's Teacher of the Year and her name was displayed there at the entrance on a plaque for everyone to see. At one time, I wanted my name to be right there with hers. That is still my dream one of these days.

That's the end of my ramblings this week...... till then!!!!


Travis Erwin said...

Ooooh, You are the first to get fancy and include a video.

We had the same problem with train tracks in one part of town but they eventually built an overpass.

Barrie said...

I have special train memories. I could hear them from my bed where we stayed for my childhood summers. I hadn't thought of that in quite a while. Thank you for the post!

Debbielou said...

Really interesting - Thanks for posting !

Lana Gramlich said...

I love the magical rainbow playground. :) I understand the problem with the train cutting through town--where I lived in Canada our town was cut in half by a major shipping canal. Fortunately 3 lift bridges were erected over it, so that at least one would be down at any given time.

Design Goddess said...

And the landscape keeps changing and changing though....Mandrell's is no more and the old wine shop and the "plaza" beside it are all gone as well! I know the latter will be a new Rite Aid, but not sure if there's going to be anything to replace Mandrell's since it's right on the tracks.

lyzzydee said...

I have train memories, my nan lived right next to the train tracks, and as a little girl I used to lay in bed listening to the trains shunting around the yard!!
It sounds very worrying that your town is cut in half by the track though.

The Anti-Wife said...

I loved the video. It gives a great picture of your town.

Phats said...

Awesome and it's not L'ville Kentucky! haha :)

you going to be up for my bracket challenge?

Skiingred said...

Neat vid... who knew louisville had so many parking lots thought -- there is so much more to the town.

I do remember my bro (age: 2 or 3) going full force into the pond behind DQ - that was way before the park was nicified!

WordVixen said...

Clever! I never thought of looking to see if there was a video on my town. :-)

I love trains as well. And, like you, I hate it when they make me late for something.

Phats said...

Brackets are up best of luck!