11 May 2008

May God bless and keep ALL Mother's in the palm of his hand.


Travis Erwin said...

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Design Goddess said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sis! :o*

Kingcover said...

I'm here now Big Sis. Don't hate me too much lol. I have no excuse for being absent, I just hope that in time you will learn to forgive me my short comings and once again love your sibling.

p.s. it was all DG's fault!
p.p.s. honestly it was!


Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

Dear Melanie,
How are you? Sorry for the long absence, I was (and ofcourse am) very busy all these days. Exams, lectures, speeches and all such stuff is driving me crazy! Each semester more difficult than the previous one. How are you doing? How is life these days? BTW happy mothers' day! with a long delay!!

Design Goddess said...

Ummm....KC is lying!!!!

Kingcover said...

Ummm ... KC is NOT lying!!!

He's sitting down! Get it right in future DG!


Phats said...

Boy I thought I had been gone along time
Hope you had a great mother's day!