09 October 2008

Now this explains why I feel the way I do about these two getting elected..... They have it together!

Obama has never accepted Hannity's invitation to come on his show...... WHY?


Phats said...

I try not to get too involved in the heated discussions. I don't want Palin in office though, she is not even close to being qualified

tiggysmum70 said...

AND Obama is....... has he governed a state? Has he ran a town? NOPE! I don't like someone who is buddies w/ ANTI-American people either.... Bill Ayers anyone??????? He bombed the White House, Pentagon, and who knows what else he could have done. He applauded the people behind 9-11-01.... IS that fair to those who lost loved ones???? I think not! Obama is friends with this man.... PERIOD.... who would he become bed fellows with IF he gets in office???????

Leigh Ann said...

I found you blog and following you now=)

The Duck said...

Obama's never accepted Sean Hannity's invitation and you're surprised by this why exactly? You do realize exactly what Hannity is I'm sure. Or maybe you're too busy nodding your head in agreement to everything he says to realize that he's just a conservative lapdog.

I'm sorry, but I don't think extremists like him or Limbaugh (or any number of others, including Keith Olbermann) should be referenced as much as they are without some sort of disclaimer. They're simply too far to one side to be of any real value to the general public.

Going back to your initial question, if Obama were to go on Hannity's show, what would happen? Hannity would have a canned bunch of attacks to throw at him and Obama would be attempting to defend himself the whole time. And for what benefit? I say none. The vast majority of people who watch Hannity are the ones who will be voting for the Republican party no matter what is said by either side come election time. There may be a few people who tune in due to morbid curiosity, such as myself, but I don't think there are undecideds out there thinking to themselves, "I wonder what Sean Hannity would have to say about this?" Because EVERYONE KNOWS what Sean Hannity would have to say about any given topic.

Oh, and don't get me started on this Ayers garbage. Even McCain's backing down from his team's statements...

Check it out.

Phats said...

Fox News is so republican it's not even funny. They don't portray anything liberal accurate

tiggysmum70 said...

Ok, I can see your point. Trust my my family is very divided. I just can't see how raising taxes on the rich will give us a jump start. I never have seen a poor man give another man a job! Have you?

I just think Obama isn't qualified in the sense of leadership and experience. Reason... over half of his tenure in the Senate has been running for President. What has he done? I can't find anything on the Senate website stating major accomplishments.

As an ex-wife of a soldier, I worry about our soldiers and the lack of support they will get from an Obama administration. I have seen first hand what Clinton's lack of military funding did to our troops. Also, have you ever thought that the military is the reason we can discuss this freely w/o worrying about repercussions.

No matter why they are fighting... they are defending my freedoms too. Personally, I don't want those extremists in my backyard; do you? They tried to bring to our nation on 9-11, I don't want to have to worry about my son's safety nor mine daily.

There are things I do not agree with both Hannity and Rush. I am not a lap puppet... I am just curious to who is Obama?

Phats said...

I wanna change the subject because I want to stay on tiggy's good side haha.

Will UT fire fulmer?

The Duck said...

Well, I think I can safely say I'm for more taxes on the rich simply because I'm not rich. I'm not altruistic here. We're all out for our best interests, right? Simply put, they can afford to pay the taxes, and it should help out. I don't agree with everything Obama says either. He's much more fiscally liberal than I could ever be, but I do happen to agree with his ideas more than I do McCain's. That's essentially what it comes down to.

As for his lack of experience and leadership, I obviously can't really argue with that. But to me, that same thing that people tout as a liability is a plus in my book. I think we need a younger man as president, with younger ideas. Obama strikes me as an intelligent man who has the ability to reason his way through difficult issues and make decisions. I like that he wants to talk to the bad guys without backing up those meetings with threats of a military invasion. I like that he doesn't want the US to go headfirst into situations without the backing of organizations like the UN. We've been going it alone (for the most part) for quite a while now in the Middle East, and are still debating why we're even over there.

Your statement about the military being the reason we can discuss these things freely is incorrect in my opinion. The reason for that would be our constitution. Yes, we became a free nation thanks to a military action, and yes the military is required from time to time, but I don't personally feel safer in my backyard because we have thousands of people in Iraq/Afghanistan/etc. If anything I feel like that whole situation makes us look worse and puts us in more danger in the long term. I think we could do more to protect ourselves against terrorism by simply changing our world image, which Obama wants to strive to do. For too long, we've been bullies in the world, and there are plenty of people out there that would like to see us humbled, even if they wouldn't actively try to create that scenario.

I don't think that these people are bad people who are simply jealous of all the freedoms we have, as many people say. I think as a nation we are arrogant and selfish, and we need to learn to play with the others out there a bit more before we really end up paying for it. As the recent stock market woes have shown us, we truly have a global economy these days, and there are several countries relying on others in various ways. We need to foster these relationships better.

Listen, I do think that the US is a great country, and I feel fortunate to live here. I just think we could be even better, and I think Obama will help us get on that path, while McCain would be more likely to continue bombing the hell out of people in an attempt to get our way. We've had eight years of that now. I'm ready for a... wait for it... change.

tiggysmum70 said...

Duck- I can see your point too. However if these so called taxes on the rich( aka business owners) do go through, who do you think takes it in the butt anyway.... yes you got it WE the middle and lower classes do. If you think that for one minute that corporations won't raise prices b/c the gov't raised their taxes we need our heads examined.

I still go by Teddy Roosevelt's theory: Walk Softly and Carry a big stick.

We didn't get our freedoms just by sitting on our butts. Our ancestors fought the hell out of the British. If we feel that we've been attacked, then we need to defend ourselves. Would it have been wrong to not go after Japan after Pearl Harbor. HELL YEAH it would have been wrong had we not gone after them. Our country did b/c we were attacked... 9-11 anyone????

If we sit idly by and let people take our freedoms one by one, we become no better than those other socialist nations out there. We were given the right to live freely when we were born. I for one do not like my freedoms restricted or taken.

For instance: There is NO constitutional law that states there is a separation b/n church and state. This is someone's interpretation of the law.

The Constitution clearly states that Congress shall not appoint one body of religion over the nation. I feel if our Congress and Supreme Court can pray in our nation's capital buildings, then our children who want to pray or have organized prayer should be allowed w/o the worry that some coo-coo head will try to sue them for infringing on their rights... Well in my book they both have rights to free speech... just how they want to use it is their choice.

We, as Americans, also have the right to hold our representative's and senator's feet to the fire when it comes to what WE want... not their pocketbook but ours. Why should we pay for stupid things? Why should they make more money than a teacher??? They don't work half the time we do. They're out to recess more than my kids. ROFL

All I am saying is that I do not want a Socialist in the White House. I feel that if Obama gets elected along w/ Pelosi and Reed we'll be set back a multitude of years. I don't want that kind of worry and trouble for my son. Ronald Regan was a wonderful leader who lead this nation out of a slump and made it prosper. Clinton tore all that out. We need to drill here, we need to become energy dependent and we need to have someone who won't take money away from those corporations that use that extra money to explore new options. The oil companies are doing more than processing oil. They are researching new technologies for fuels. Take their money.... and they don't have it for research. Knocking us back who knows how many years....

Ok shew----- Phats... I don't know what they will do w/ Fulmer. I know the fans are asking for his head. Look at what happened to Tommy Bowden today........ UGH!

The Duck said...

Regarding the tax situation, it sounds like we pay no matter what doesn't it? As for everything else, we obviously have irreconcilable differences, and I'll leave it at that.

tiggysmum70 said...

I see your point, Duck... good debate.

Watch tonight!