04 October 2008

Over the last month....

Well, I know I have been absent of the last month or so. Yeah, I know, Go Figure!

Things were getting crazy with school, both the one I teach at and with my masters. Also, trying to keep up on the cooking, cleaning, washing, drying, folding, and putting away. Along with replacing 2 screens in my screen doors. It's been CRAZY I tell you!

The other night I watched the VP debate. I was totally appalled with the moderator due to her lack of doing what a moderator is suppose to do. Next, I was enamored with the candidates responses to most of their questions. I think Joe Biden was totally regurgitating what his partner is saying and not voicing his opinions and beliefs. I think Sarah Palin did an awesome job bringing out the lies, misspoken words, and fallacies of the other ticket. I was not 100% won with her when she was named for the ticket at first, but I feel that she won hands down. Yeah, she gave a shout out! That was pretty cool for those kids to hear about themselves.

I feel Palin will bring the conservative side of the country to McCain. I just can't stomach Obama. He hasn't had any executive experience at all! He's been in the Senate for 3 years. No committee experience, on the campaign trail for the last 2 years, and hasn't ran anything like a city or state. That speaks volumes to me. Even Ronald Regan had experience in running a state.

You can say what you want about CHANGE. Heck, I change my clothes everyday...... what about change? What is the change? How is the change going to come about? What if you can't make the change? Then, what? What's in it for me? NOTHING! There isn't 95% of the taxpayers who will receive a tax break b/c only 75% pay taxes. If those who own business and have corporations are heavily taxed, who do you think they will pass this onto? Anyone????


You got it the consumer!!!!!!!! So, yeah, I might get a tax break from the IRS, but my goods and services cost spike past that cut. So, who is getting screwed now? Yep, that's right..... ME and everyone else in my tax bracket and below $60,000 per year.

Is this fair? Is this the American dream? I say NOT!

Granted, I know there's problems in DC. No kidding!!!!! Maybe if the people of this great nation would stand up and make their representatives and senators work for the people and not for themselves then we would be much better off. I do not like this bail out crap.... It was full of crappy pork! Tax cuts for the beaver corp. WTH??

Check out Glenn Beck's web site. I know there's a lot of people who do not like Rush or Sean... but Glenn Beck and Bill O'Rilley are on the mark too! There's a lot of good and informed information out there to clear up anyone's murky mind about this election!

Well, enough of my rant. I just wanted to put it out there about the debate and how and where people need to stand up for this great nation, their FREEDOMS, and for the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that defend that freedom.

Check out the link from my friend, Ski, about PC in politics.



Design Goddess said...

What people need to do is get on their representatives from their state and tell them what they want. Those people in DC work for US! WE pay their salary and WE deserve to have done what WE THE PEOPLE (Sound familiar?!) want them to do!

tiggysmum70 said...

AMEN Sister!!!!

Travis Erwin said...

I say to you what I said to Ski, You tell 'em!

Skiingred said...

Washington is full of Nutsos. Time to get them OUT and get other people in.

Where is Mr. Smith when you need him?

Freedom baby FREEDOM.