04 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, as 2008 comes to a close, I am sitting her reflecting on the ups and downs this year has brought me. 2007 left with a huge bang considering I was asked for a divorce from Afghanistan the day before it rang out.

January and February were just a blur... don't really remember much there b/c of all the emotion whirling around....

In March, I started seeing a gentleman who I thought at one time would possibly become a person more permanent in my life.... that didn't turn out so well.

April brought a move to Laurel Hill- the best decision I ever made. I enjoy my home and it's a comfy place for 2 people.

May brought more strife b/c the ex came home from Afghanistan. Talk about a whirl wind of emotions there. Couldn't even enjoy his homecoming b/c he was such a jerk.
- It also brought me starting my MASTERS!!!

June brought the end of a wonderful school year! Also, brought Johnathan spending almost a whole month with his father!!!! That was enjoyment for me for the most part.

July brought freedom day. No, I am not talking about the Fourth of July, I am talking about July 22nd. The day our divorce was final. A sad day too, but more relief than anything.

August brought a new school year, a new principal, and a whole bunch of new things. Knowing that our team was rock solid, was proof enough for me it was going to be an awesome year!!

Sept. brought problems and other things, however I got through it with a few bumps and bruises.

Oct. brought a 38th birthday and Halloween. It also brought more bumps.... but I got over them.

November, brought one of my friends @ school leaving us. Her decision was difficult, but we all knew she was needed with her family and to be closer to home. We surely miss her... but we know she's happier!

- It also brought a trip home to Ohio for Thanksgiving with the family. I was able to see family and go to my cousin's wedding in VA. There I got to see my Godmother who is suffering from cancer. I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to go. I love her so!

Now December... WOW where did the year go... Christmas is already over, and the New Year is just a week away. What's up with that? This month has been crazy.... crazy I tell you. I don't which is worse... going to work every day or being home w/ a very strong willed 5 year old. LOL
- This month has also been trying with the passing of two co-workers parent's and a student losing his mother in a car accident. It wasn't the way any of us wanted to start our Christmas season, but we all know that they are not suffering any more and that they are with our Lord in heaven!
- Also it has brought me 4 classes closer to my master's with a 4.0 through 3 classes. We shall see how this last one pans out by mid-January. YEAH ME!

Looking back, I have so much to be thankful for:

Friends: Jodi C, Nicole K, Rachel M, Angela L, Tina S, April W, my classmates and professors, who have understood some of my issues, other friends around the US, and all my virtual friends who have lent me support from afar.

Family: Who have been strong for me while I was weak. Who have given me a lot of support from so far away.

My son: Who through it all has been my sunshine and my strength b/c w/o him I wouldn't have had anything to hold onto with one exception and that is...

My faith and My God. I know he's been holding me through all of this. Good times, bad times, and chaos times, He's been there. I am thankful for him and his grace that he's shown me. I can only hope that 2009 brings me a little closer to standing on my own and being able to be stronger and better for myself and my son!

May the Lord's face shine down upon you,
May the wind always be at your back,
May the Lord's grace always be with you, and
May the Lord always hold you in the palm of his hand!

God bless all of for this New Year 2009.


Phats said...

Hope 09 brings you nothing but happiness!

tiggysmum70 said...

Thanks Phats..... Same to you!!!!