30 January 2009



Go to this link to sign a petition that says you are against the Stimulus Package that will be in front of the Senate next week!

My Conservative American Friends who read this blog; I want you to join with me to say HECK NO! to this stimulus package that's going to the Senate next week! Our conservative Republicans in the House stood strong. Now we need to go and call our Senators and tell them:


I am so sick and tired of someone saying... well they don't have health care. Growing up, my parents didn't have health care for us children until we were much older, or if they did it was horrible to say the least. We did not go to the doctor for every sniffle, sneeze, or throw up! We used home remedies and by goodness my siblings and I are still ALIVE!!!!

Being a former military wife, I can tell you socialized health care sux! Granted, I was well taken care of, but waiting 2-3 hours with a sick child at the hospital b/c that is where the doctor's are is HELL! Waiting 4-8 hours( or a whole heck a lot longer) in an ER... not much fun either!

Taxes will be raised on all of us; just not the rich! We will suffer like our parents did in the Carter years. Do we want a country that others laugh at or fear? Do we want our freedoms slowly taken away by our gov't. Our forefathers said we need to fear gov't b/c a big gov't is a problem. The less government is in our lives the better we are.

Look at our education system. Crap didn't start falling apart until we got the United States Department of Education (thank you Mr. Carter, NOT!). My parents received a great education. All their class mates could read. Can we say that of our entire graduating class of 2009 in the US???? There are some that can't even read the same books my students, who are gifted, are reading today. I am an educator, yes, but first and foremost, I am a MOM! I want the best for my son. I want him to be able to read as well as his classmates. I don't want to pass a kid on just b/c they are a problem. Could the problem be that he can't read and he's trying to compensate for it???? Makes you think now doesn't it!

I love my country. My grandfather's fought for my right to write this blog. I'll be damned if I let my gov't take those freedoms away from me! It is not right for them to impose their will on us. Do not let them!!!!!


cher said...

politics baffles me. more importantly people baffle me.

tiggysmum70 said...

Amen Cher.... I agree.

Mr. Shife said...

This whole stimulus thing scares me and I just hope my future child will not be paying for it. I think the politicians need to give some back themselves because they are doing OK while a lot of families are suffering. I just hope they know what they are doing.
And thank you for the positive thoughts for Quincy dog.

Phats said...

I want them to get my peanut butter fixed so I can eat it again

Design Goddess said...

You mean you have a problem with them spending TONS of money on Grape Genetics in NY?!?!?!? (Seriously, this is one of the "uses" for the money to "stimulate" the economy. Mm hm....suuuuuuuure.

cher said...

wow, you're still pretty pissed about this hey?

Phats said...

Brackets are up thanks for participating!! :)