22 March 2009


My new/ old look. My hair has been cut since this picture; however I can still achieve this look!
I liked my longer hair, but let's face it summer is coming and it was just too long and heavy for summer!

This is the young man who has been trying to win my heart.
He's a total 180° from my ex.
A very good man!

I haven't been blogging too much b/c I have been busy with school, both the one I teach @ and the one I am attending. Lil man has kept me busy too. He's getting ready for T-ball!!! This should be an exciting adventure. I can't wait to cheer for my boy!

School is winding down. We just finished a monster week of TESTING~~ yes testing once again! I am beginning to agree w/ the kids on this testing crap! Now, we have 2 months before they take the big test! I hate all this pressure on kids today. When are they to be kids????? Oh yeah, when they have time...... well, when is that?????

Anywho, I am tired of all this BS about Obama..... he's an idiot... I see him as the Emperor in his new clothes.... if you can remember what happened in that story.... you get my drift. He's soooo disconnected from the people it's not even funny. In my county we're the poorest, yet we have the highest taxes in the state.....What's up w/ that?

This past school weekend, I learned how to write HTML for web pages. I had so much fun this weekend! This was the best class ever!!!!

Have a great SPRING!!!! 2 weeks to SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!


Phats said...

I just got a haircut myself! I am glad school is winding down too, I love it and I am definitely ready for Summer Break.

Does this fella know you posted his picture haha?

You are doing really well in my bracket challenge check the leaderboard out

Travis Erwin said...

I've been behind in my blog reading but glad to see you are doing well.

Phats said...

How was your spring break?