21 February 2010

Olympic Dreams...

The Olympics have been playing now for a week. We have had some major ups and downs from the opening ceremony's blooper to Shawn White and his coach's little chat before his Victory Lap. All I have to say is that this Winter Olympiad had been AWESOME!!!

I watched the opening ceremonies in awe! I love the technological effects, so 21st Century! I only have been able to watch bits and pieces, but of what I have watched has be AWESOME! I am going to watch the ladies skate this week. That's one part of the Olympics I love, figure skating.

In other news, I finished my last class for my master's in Technology!! I will unofficially graduate at the end of March, with the official diploma arriving at the end of May. I can't wait! 22 months of hard work and determination will finally pay off!!!

NASCAR has also started and I did get to watch some of the Daytona 500. It wasn't too bad; however, the red flag kinda killed it for me.

Down here in NC, we survived an ice storm and a small snow this winter. Both were beautiful while they lasted. Up home, DG and the family have been digging out of snow since Christmas. It's been crazy up there. It seems every weekend they are having 6-12 more inches of snow. Our mom said that they can not even go out into the back yard b/c the snow is too deep. I can't remember a snow this deep since I was 7, and that was over 30 years ago!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

Well, I am off to complete my homework/final project for this last class so that I am able to turn in everything by March 3. I have a lot to do, so I better get a move on!!

Hope everyone has had a great 1st two months of 2010. Mine is getting better!!!


Phats said...

I have been getting into the Olympics too, and I also heard that blooper Kristen and I actually rewound it to make sure we heard right HAHA :)

Congrats on the masters that's great!!

I am excited I can actually see my grass again the snow is melting!

Mr. Shife said...

Congrats on finishing up your Masters. Pretty awesome and great job. The family and I have been watching a lot of the Olympics too. I didn't think I would but I got sucked in like I always do. Well take care and talk to you soon.

Travis Erwin said...

Much as I love the Olympics I'll kind of be glad when they are over so I'll quit staying up so late.

Phats said...

you up for the bracket challenge?

Phats said...

Picks are up, thanks again for playing :) and good luck!