30 January 2010

The Pro-Bowl is when????

I was reading news on Yahoo when I received an e-mail from the Browns that the Pro-Bowl was this weekend! What's up with that? I thought it was played after the Super Bowl so that those players have a chance to play too. Craziness is as craziness does. I guess since the Saints are in their first Super Bowl the whole world has gone crazy.... LOL I am so excited that the Saints are in the Super Bowl! Now, for the Browns to get there.

... Oh wait Hell isn't freezing over. Well, I am looking out my window as freezing rain is falling. Is that close enough since I live in NC?

I guess not..... LOL

I hope everyone had a great start to 2010. Mine started out slow. We shall see what the other 11 months hold.

Have a great weekend!


Phats said...

I think it's stupid they played the pro bowl today, no saints and colts could play and they deserved that right but money talks. Sounds like it goes back to normal next year, and back to Hawaii.

Hope you're doing well!

tiggysmum70 said...

Someone said they played it yesterday b/c of Daytona being on the 14th. I am not 100% sure though.

Phats said...

I guess it's going back to Hawaii next year. I am not sure anyone watched it? haha :)