25 June 2010

One Week and four days down!

Today marks one week and four days since I started my summer vacation. Last week I slept most of my time away b/c I was a tad under the weather. This week marked a few things:
  • Lil guy had a dentist appt. which lead to a perfect exam. The only "concern" was the enamel that didn't form right on his top tooth. Darn those antibiotics for ear infections; however, the dentist didn't seem to alarmed right now.
  • Thursday brought some errands we had to do. Nothing big, just a hair cut and groceries.
  • Today brought the car getting serviced, a pedicure for mom, and a celebration for the Assoc. of Educators I belong to here in NC.
  • Tomorrow might bring a trip to the beach!!!! YEAH US!
Hope all is well in blog land! Hope your last few days of June are relaxing and enjoyable. We're experiencing August heat in June. Over 100° temperatures each days with the heat index. That's also with humidity in the high 90's. Gotta love it! We've been under heat advisories and told to basically stay indoors from 11-7. Oh the joy~

Have a great weekend and 4th of July, for my state side friends, if I do not blog before then!

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