12 June 2010

Summer, Summer, Time.......

Summertime is here and I am so ready to relax and take some time for myself. I really need this time off because of all the sickness, health issues, and other things that have been going on. I am ready to go to the BEACH! Just to sit there and watch the surf roll in and to play with my little guy in the water will be AMAZING!

Summer also brings little guy's vacation to grandma's house x2! He's visiting both set of grandparents this summer. He's so ready to go and see his brothers, great-grandmas, grandmas, grandpas, his aunt, and uncles. He will not want for attention that's for sure.

This will be a great time for mommy to get more rest, relaxation, and time with her significant other. He's been great to little guy and myself. A true blessing!

What plans are everyone making for their summer? Please share!

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Mr. Shife said...

Hope the summer is going well and you are getting that much deserved rest and relaxation. I am just looking forward to the warmer weather since we have had one of the coldest, wettest Springs in Boise in a long time. Take care.