10 June 2007


Hey all, school is over!!! I still have 3-4 days of work to do but it will be without.... KIDS!!!!! Can you see that I am excited. Now for the routines and such to get done at work! On Friday, I have pre-op blood work and such to do. YUCK! I have surgery (exploratory) on the 20th. Just to see why I am having so much pain in my abdomen. LUCKY ME!

I will post more when I have a little more time. I still have some junk to do around this house. I can't wait to have time to CLEAN!!!!!

HUGS to all!



Gareth said...

Hey good luck with your surgery Big Sis. I hope they find whatever is causing you pain. Maybe you have gall bladder problems like your sis had. She could do the surgery on you if it is ;)
Here she comes now with the scalpel. Ummmm, why is she running in MY direction?! Oh crappersssssssss ......

the not so "new" mom on the blog said...

School closed for our kids today!! whoopeeeee - 3 weeks holidays!!!!

Take Care of yourself and hurry back real soon!!!!

Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

My dear Melanie,
I am so sorry for I couldn't write for you sooner. I am so busy with my examinations. Hope your surgery has gone well and every thing is ok. Wish to see you back soon, as strong and as energetic.

Miss you,