24 June 2007

Surgery and Such

Well, Wednesday was the big day. I had a diagnostic laparoscopy done on my abdomen. Things looked good to the doctor and he didn't find anything terribly wrong with me. He did find some scar tissue and got it out of the body!!! YEAH!!!!

My parents are here taking care of me and lil man. Glad for that b/c Wednesday night was horrible.... couldn't get comfortable, couldn't get the gas out of the body, and I hurt everywhere!!! I would have been a wreck had they not been here.

Today I think we're going to downtown to look around. I think it will be fun! We shall see.

Hope all is well with everyone and have a great last week of June!

1 comment:

Skiingred said...

glad everything turned out OK -- sad to hear what you had to go through....

for the gas -- "pull my finger" always works for me!

Take care!