03 June 2007

Update of Updates:

* Only 4.5 days of school left- This week will be basically glorified babysitting.... but who cares we're getting paid the big bucks!! (YEAH RIGHT!)
* Lil man's birthday and Memorial Day will be rememberable thanks to his Auntie DG!
* Student with sickle cell is doing well now. It was touch and go there a while back.
* Lil Sis's visit was fantastic!
* Big man is adjusting to his enviornment for work
* My back is sunburnt and man is it peeling!!! OUCH!
* Life in NC is great. Sunny days, close to the beach, and warm days!!
Well, things are crazy around here with the closing of a school year. I will be back after I have everything packed and signed off!! Hope is all well with everyone in blogger land!!!

Hugs to all!!

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