31 August 2007

The first week is on the books

Well, the first week is down in the books. It was a pretty good week I might say. The only thing that totally bit was that Lil man got sick this morning and we didn't get to school. BUMMER!!! Anyway, I am hoping that he gets to feeling better soon. He's not a very happy camper.

A holiday weekend this weekend, so that means I am cleaning up the house and getting ready for hubby to come home for his break. I know lil man will love to see him and so will mommy!

I want to wish everyone a Super September!!



Design Goddess said...

Yeah I heard lil man wasn't feeling well. Poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better today. I know it's no fun being sick. :(

Skiingred said...

Gotta watch out for those first week of school germies... they are a pain! That's what Izzy and I have now...

Good luck this year!

OH, the post it link is on the way.

Kingcover said...

Is the hubster home at the moment. Hope you're having a great time all being together again for a while :-)