09 August 2007

Trip to Ohio and HOF!!

I figured I would post the long awaited pics of my trip to Ohio so that Gareth didn't eat himself into oblivion on popcorn!!! LOL

Well, I am not sure what to make of this mountain, but it does look kinda like..... well you use your imagination. It's in North Carolina

Next, I had to go past the capitol building in Charleston, WV. It sure looks like a capitol building!!!

My trip consisted of me visiting a few old friends, seeing my grandmother, going to the National Ribs Burnoff at the fairgrounds (DG and I sampled some really good pulled pork sandwiches,cool strawberry smoothies, and I had some New Orleans cuisine that I missed so!) , and catching up on some rest (yeah right my little man kicked me every night!! )

Then, on Saturday, August 4th, we, attended the Hall of Fame Grand Parade. Here are a few things we saw during our almost 2 hours of standing..... next time we get there a little earlier and find some grass to sit down on! Right DG??

The greatest football players are why everyone was in Canton for this past week. This is an annual celebration of the greats of Professional football.

I never saw a pickle fly.

Oscar the Grouch came flying by too!!! Wonder if his elephant is in that trash can?? hmmmmm

A flying birthday cake??? This was the balloon for the 100th Birthday of President William McKinley. He hailed from Canton, Ohio

Now, I finally have proof that pigs do fly!!!!

DG and some really cute lil boy!!!!

The Coors Light Silver Bullet came to town. But it didn't bring those wonderful cool breezes and frost like in the commercials. I also didn't receive a Coors Light sample either. I was really bummed.

That same cute little boy with his mommy. Wonder who they are???? They look really happy!!

After the parade, DG, my son, and I left for glorious home and went swimming later that afternoon. I had a great time at home and hope to be able to do it again!!

This is the famous place that all football greats want to end up. This is a great place to visit if you love football. There are now 16 of my beloved Browns now enshrined in Bronze here!

Here's a list of enshrinees..

  • Canton Repository link

  • Have a great weekend!!!! Me


    Kingcover said...

    Well thank goodness for that. I was beginning to get tired of eating popcorn and may actually have turned into one if I had been forced to eat any more!!! :P

    That mountain looks as if it has a gigantic zit on top of it. That's what you meant. Right? ;)

    I'm glad to see Dan Marino in the hall of fame thingy. He was a great player and he came from Pittsburgh. All hail Pittsburgh lol.

    Lovely pictures and I really want to know who that lil boy is too. Did he just wander out from amongst the crowd and jump into your arms?!
    You must have Mexican roots in your family because you do look Mexican or at least around that area. DG doesn't though so I'm guessing she must be a product of the local milkman??? Hahahaha!

    tiggysmum70 said...

    Well, the answer to your first comment... no that is not what I was thinking about the 1st picture. Think female anatomy!! ROFL!!! At least that is what a girlfriend of mine said the other day!!

    Glad you didn't turn into popcorn!

    Kingcover said...

    Ummm Big Sis you're not very good at picking up on sarcasm are ya ;-) I knew what you were referring to in the first picture :-D

    Have a good Sunday. The sun has finally come out over here today. The first time in about 4 days. Yayyyyyy. lol.

    Phats said...

    great pictures, isn't that the pickle from veggie tales?? :)

    tiggysmum70 said...

    Yes that is the pickle from Veggie Tales. The Tomato was also in the parade. LOL

    I might post some more pictures. I have a bunch!!!

    nutz said...

    great pics!!! look like you had some fun!

    Mr. Shife said...

    Awesome pics, and looks like you had a fun time. Browns fan huh? I can feel your pain. I am a Cardinals fan. At least you have a glorious past. The only thing the Cardinals are glorious at is how much they suck.

    Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

    Oh my God finally the page is opened and I can write for you. My dear Mlanie, you don't know how happy I am to be able to write a comment on your blog. During all this long time of disappearance I was trying to open this page but it was no use. So finally I am here and I can tell you how much I've enjoyed reading about your trip to Ohio and how happy I am to see your pics and that cute lovely Lil man in your arms. Wish you the best ever possible. By the way, you can read about my summer and my vacation on my blog at last. I'd be glad to see your comments.


    Design Goddess said...

    Um...KC, I am the MAILMAN'S kid, thank you very much!

    We have lots of nationalities in our mix, but not Mexican...although we do have a little Native American in us. Otherwise, it's mainly across the pond from which we came.

    Oh and Sis, I've found out that the Pickle is actually a Cucumber! I kidna thought calling him a Pickle wasn't exactly right, although they do come from cucumbers, so...

    Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

    I just forgot the last time to ask when the Big Man will be back??

    tiggysmum70 said...

    Umm.... yep no Mexican in our family. Just a little French, Italian, German, and who knows what else from the lands to the east of our nation. Maybe even a little Irish?????? Who knows.

    DG- great research about the cucumber. I didn't know that! Did you ask Ski or Izzy??

    Mr. Shife- The Cardinals will come around about the same time my Browns do.... when HELL freezes over! ROFL!-- there's a great joke about that too... will have to share on another post!

    Mary- glad to see you blogging again! BTW big man comes home sometime in September and then for good next summer.... still a long time to go! :( :(