02 July 2008

Oh the places I haven't gone......

Just stopped in to let ya'll know I am alive and kicking. I had many assignments to finish before last weekend's class. Now I have a 4-6 page paper to write for class. UGH!

I haven't done much since school has let out. I have hung out with friends, went out to dinner with them, and cleaned up around here at the house. My lil man is coming home this Sunday and I can't wait!!!!!! He's been w/ his daddy for a month. I can't believe that he stayed that long, but his dad is known to spoil him. UGH!

I hope all of you have a safe and blessed 4th of July.


Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the update. Have a happy and safe 4th.

Phats said...

Hope you had a nice 4th of July!!