31 July 2008

The past two weeks have been fun! I have gone out on a date, went to my weekend of class, and had a colonoscopy done! Talk about a pain in the butt!! The date went ok, the class was good and well the colonoscopy.... good news so far there!

Being divorced hasn't really sunk in I guess. Maybe b/c the jerk was gone for 15 months on deployment to Afghanistan, and I moved out before he came back to the states. Who knows. All I know is, that you can't miss something when you truly never had it in the first place. (Good quote from my friend, Angela).

How are all my blogging friends? I haven't really heard from a lot of you. I know I have been MIA on your blogs too. I apologize.

Well, it's T-minus 17 days before I go back to school. I need to make the best of it! I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of summer!



Travis Erwin said...

Enjoy the rest of your summer and glad to hear you are moving on quite nicely.

Phats said...

Date woohoo go you tiggy!! haha.

We go back the 13th :( it makes me sad just thinking of it.

Hope you'll be a guest picker again this football season

Mr. Shife said...

Well by the time you get this you are probably back in school and I hope that is going well. Sorry to hear about your marriage but it sounds like it was for the better and you have moved on. Good for you. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Take care.

Design Goddess said...

I bet the colonoscopy was more fun than the date!

state of grace said...

I will be having my second colonoscopy soon! It was so much fun four years ago I decided I might as well do it again! (Actually, it's that prep that I enjoy the most!)