05 April 2020

Here it is... Sunday!

Well, spring break 2020 is over. SIGH. Went on a few walks, cleaned out our storage building and put things back neatly this time. Lastly, got some extra sleep that was needed!

Now, back to work tomorrow. Work? Isn't NC under shelter in place order? Why YES, yes we are; however, the governor sees educators as essential employees! HUH? What can we essentially do at the school building w/o children to teach? Let me list the things we can do!

  1. We can clean our classrooms
  2. Find work for students who do not have access to either their Chromebooks or the internet.
  3. Handout food from the buses as they go to each bus stop so the children can eat breakfast and lunch.
  4. Search the internet for cool things to do with students when we start digital learning.
  5. Walk around the school to get your steps in all the while keep social distancing.
  6. Lastly, hope and pray they don't see you leaving school early because you are so stinking bored!!!!
So, here it is 9:11 PM EDT and I am going to get myself ready for bed b/c I have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for our Google Chat and Google Meet tomorrow! Still going back and forth whether or not I am actually going into the school or not. Decisions, Decisions!


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