06 October 2005

The first thing to know...

The first thing to know about surviving a hurricane is to buy a darn generator. That one item could have helped all of us get along so much better. Between being hot and miserable, we lost all of our frozen foods and refridgerator items. This really stunk up the place (and I am not being facisious). The next thing to have is a over supply of batteries for the radio, flashlights, and a battery powered fan if possible. That is necessary if you can't find a generator in your price range. Thirdly, you need to really really like a cold shower! This was torture at times. I really wanted some warm water for washing. Lastly, get to know your neighbors really well so that all of you can hang out, eat, and watch each others children.

** by the way, also remember to drink, drink, and drink more water and Gatorade. Don't become dehydrated like I did!!

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