07 October 2005

Football league gone bad

I can't believe I am dealing with some people who are really dense when it comes to running a football league. It is a very long story, and I won't bore you with the details. The previous league President has really ticked off parents, coaches and the like. I can't believe he has said that "it's for the k ids", yet we haven't started our season yet. Yes, check your calendars! It's October 7th and our season starts tomorrow.

That is totally wrong. Hubby and I are both scratching our heads and trying to keep our teams together. It has been very hard, but we're getting it done! Now, we have a new league board who is really working hard at putting things in motion. FINALLY!!! Just wish our teams luck. Our team's name is The Cowboys.

On a lighter note, we now have a schedule and we're giong to let the hitting begin!!
Gotta love the game!

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