14 October 2005

Hurricane Rita strikes again!

Well, thanks to Rita we now have to extend our school day by 11 minutes for the next 5 months and lose 10 minutes off our lunch and recess. These kids don't get enough time to play as it is let alone eat. We have enough time in our day to make up for "time missed", but other schools don't. Ugh! A lot of parents, teachers, and staff are really hot under the collars about this. I don't blame them either. The funny thing is we have calamity days built into our schedule, but they won't forgive them just in case we have another hurricane or if an ice storm blows through these parts. (what if??) That's BS.

Anyway, this Saturday we have not 1 but 2 tackle football games to cheer/ play. Craziness I am telling ya!

I hope others weekends will be better than mine!


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