18 October 2005

I'm Lovin' it!!

Today is the day before the big day. I will be turning the big 35. I don't know how to really feel. I do know that I feel like a 4 ton horse is sitting on my chest. My school is sooo darn cold that it feels like the inside of my fridge while I am teaching. I just want to get warm daily. My poor kiddos.

My lil one is doing better about going to bed and staying in his room!! YEAH!!!! I am soooo happy (doing happy dance). And to think, I was getting ready to ship him to his Auntie DG. I know he would keep her in line. lol... Oh I meant, she would keep him inline! ROFL!!

I also found out today from a substitute teacher that she is my substitue on Thursday. I looked at her like she lost her mind. Come to find out I have a meeting and I will be needing her services. Gotta love the communitcation in a school system. UGH!

Have a great week folks!

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