22 October 2005


HELLO ALL! It's Saturday and my football team is 4-0. The team I coach that is. I coach cheerleaders for the local youth league. Our team played this morning and won again!!! We are excited b/c last year they only scored one Touchdown and this year we have increased that by 7! It's a great feeling for my girls as well as the boys who are working really hard!

Anyway, the birthday was ho hum. Only a handful of people remembered. All my friends from back home forgot. I was kinda bummed! Not one card from any of them. Also my father-in-law forgot again! ugh!! At least my loving lil sis and family remembered me. Last night, darling hubby took me out to dinner just on our own. The first time in almost a year!! One of his friends watched our lil one for us! We had a quiet meal!! It was yummy too!

I just hope the team I root for in college (GO VOLS!!!), and my Browns win this weekend!!


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